Let’s be honest here; just about everybody knows the importance of Web Hosting in this day and age. We are in the age of the Internet, after all. With the rise in the use of the Internet, businesses and organizations have started building their online presence by creating their website. However, to create and own a website, you need to have a place to host a website. This is done through web host and web hosting companies


The only issue with this is that with the rise in demand for a web host, the number of web hosting companies is rising dramatically. This poses the problem of having too many choices. That said, we have already covered the issue of choosing between Free Web hos vs. Paid web hosts and Shared Vs. Reseller web hosting. So if you are curious, please do check them out. Here, let’s talk about the process of the best web hosting company, including all of the previously mentioned factors. 


Here, we will answer, “What are the factors to be considered before selecting Web Hosting Company?”


So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 


What are the factor to be consider before buying web hosting ? 

As we mentioned earlier, the best way to choose the best web hosting company in Nepal is to consider some of the key factors regarding the web hosting companies you have in mind. Better yet, you should first list out the best web hosting companies you know, compare the following factors, and eliminate them until you have one. These factors are:


1) Speed

This is a rather simple factor when choosing a web hosting company. A web hosting company that provides you with better speed is always better than the one without a decent speed. It is even well worth the extra price. 


Most internet users lack patience and will not wait for more than three seconds before jumping to another website or simply clicking off. At the same time, speed may not be much of an issue if you have a website for personal use. However, if you are meant to attract customers or financial transactions, slow hosting can cost you many customers, leading to massive revenue loss. 


Therefore, if you can choose between a slower and faster web hosting company, always choose the faster one, even if the price is slightly higher.


2) Security

By this point in time, just about everybody knows that the internet is not the safest of space. While it is safer than it used to be, there are still a lot of risks involved when you put your data on the internet, especially for a business. Therefore, having the means to secure your data is a must. 


Although we did say “always pick a faster web hosting company” just a bit earlier, there is always an exception. If the faster web hosting company lacks security, it would not be a good idea to pick such a company. Rather, choosing a relatively slower but more secure web hosting company would be safer. As long as the website speed is decent enough, always pick the one with better security. 


You can still have a decent number of customers even with a website of average speed if your service is good. However, nothing can save your demise if you run your business on a hosting web service with bad security protocols. 


3) Scalability

Scalability is one of those things that doesn’t matter if you are just an individual. However, if you are a business that wants to grow, the scalability of your website becomes a big issue. If you choose a web hosting company that provides low stability, you can manage fine during the initial phase. However soon as your business enters a rapid growth phase and your website gains more visitors, a website hosting on an unscalable web host will slow down and even crash. 


On the other hand, if you host your website on a scalable website hosting company, this will not be an issue. At the same time, it would be wise to remember that if you are an individual and intend to have large visitors on your website, then choosing a scalable website would simply be a waste of money and resources. 


4) Support

As we mentioned, website and web support will not matter much if you want a website for random rants on the internet or for a personal blog. You will not be affected much if your website goes down for a while. However, this is not the case if you are a business owner. 


For a business website, constant and reliable support is a must. This is because a small issue with your website can severely affect your business, mostly in a negative way. 


If you are a business owner, always choose the web hosting company with better customer support. 


5) Price 

Everything comes down to the matter of money. Regardless of the security level or the speed of a web hosting company, if you cannot afford their services, then you will not be able to get any of their services. This is probably one of the most important factors when choosing a web hosting company. 


The best way to choose a web hosting company while staying within your budget is to list the services that web hosting services provider and then select the one you can afford. 


That said, you need to be careful about the web hosting companies that promise to provide you with the best of everything at a lower price. Always do your research thoroughly. 


The general rule of thumb when picking a web hosting company based on price is to always pick one just under your maximum budget after comparing the services. 


However, this leads to another question many people stumble when questioning how to pick a web hosting company in Nepal.


Why not choose a web hosting company with a low price for web hosting?

The answer to this question is simple – cheap web hosting companies do not provide you with what you need. You need to remember that the world of web hosting companies runs on profit, and everything is business at the end of the day. No one would provide you with all their services for cheap. As such, cheap web hosting companies simply do not provide you with the best services. 


Along with this, cheap web hosting services and companies are riddled with a ton of issues such as:

  • Limited Resource allocation
  • Lack of Backup systems or extremely limited backups
  • Lack of proper support system
  • Longer Downtimes
  • Poor Security
  • Hidden Costs


And more. These are just some of the core issues, and among them, hidden costs, lack of security, lack of support, and longer downtimes are especially crippling issues, especially if you run a business website. 


We have already talked about how security and web support affect your website. Now add the fact that these so-called cheap websites often charge you more money for doing tasks that they are required to do, such as restoring backup data, domain transfer, or resource allocation. Along with this server, you can easily guess that longer server downtime means a large loss of business. 


Find out which web hosting plan you require, and then while selecting the web hosting company in Nepal, make sure how is their support, do they provide timely support or not ? and how is their server outage? Then only choose the web hosting company. However, yoho.cloud provides the best web hosting service with all time support and no server outage full of security service.


In essence, there is no single “Best web hosting company.” It is more along the lines of “Best Web hosting company for …” and choosing the best one will largely depend on your need. You simply need to choose one that has the affordable one with the best security, speed, customer support, and other services you require. 


We hope this was helpful for you.