This is the era of fast devices and services. Therefore it would be perfectly reasonable for slower services to lag behind the competition. This is the situation in every technological field, including web hosting. The situation here is simple – the faster your web hosting services, the better your website speed can offer your clients. This naturally means better business potential for the web host as well. But how can web hosting be faster? Through SSD web hosting. 


Now SSD hosting is a term that many people find oddly familiar yet confusing. Why is that?


Well, we will need to understand what SSD hosting is.


What is SSD hosting?


In layman’s terms, SSD Hosting is simply a web hosting service that provides uses SSD drive to store and process data of the clients. This results in faster data processing since SSD drives are simply better. 


SSD drive or Solid State Disk Drive is a type of data storage drive that does not have any form of moving parts. Because of this absence of moving parts, SSD drives are faster, more efficient, and more resilient to damage when compared to other forms of storage devices like Hard Disk drives. 


Although this does make SSD drives a bit more expensive, the speed and safety are worth the price. 


As you can expect from this, the hosting services are faster and more reliable when compared to the hosting services on traditional forms of storage devices. At the same time, the SSD hosting service is a bit more expensive than the web space hosting service. However, the performance and speed far outweigh the price. 


Are there any types of SSD Hosting?

Yes, there is, and they are known as Full SSD web hosting and Cached SSD Hosting. While both of these use SSD drives, the way these web hosting services use the drive is completely different from each other. 


  • Full SSD Hosting

In the full SSD hosting, the web host provides you with complete use of the SSD drive. There is no restriction for you within your allotted storage. Because of this, Full SSD Hosting is faster than the two types of SSD Hosting. At the same time, this type of SSD web hosting service is a bit more expensive as well. 


  • Cached SSD Hosting

In cached SSD Hosting, you also use the SSD drive. However, unlike full SSD web hosting, only the cache of the websites uses an SSD drive. The rest of the website hosted on cached SSD web hosting services will be loaded from a standard HDD drive. 


Because of this, although cached SSD hosting is indeed faster than standard storage, it is not quite as fast as full SSD hosting. The good aspect about cached SSD hosting is that with the reduction of speed, its cost is reduced as well – which makes it perfect for moderately sized businesses. 


Why do high-performance websites like eCommerce websites and online News portals need SSD Hosting?

The reason for this is actually quite simple. High-performance websites require faster processing speed and more reliable storage. 


High-performance websites like E-commerce and News portals websites have thousands of visitors per hour. At the same time, any breach in data or data loss can waste years of hard work. Along with this, high-performance websites require a large data storage system as well. 


So, if you need fast web hosting service, then you need to have SSD web hosting. Therefore, the two main reasons why high-performance websites like E-commerce and News portals need SSD web hosting! 


1) Speed 

This should be an obvious one. SSD web hosting uses Solid State Disk drives, compact storage devices that lack moving parts. This state allows the device to process data faster as there is no loss of information and delay in transmission. In other storage devices, such as HDD drives, regardless of how optimized your content is, there will be some delay simply because of the moving parts. 


2) Reliability

SSD drives are highly resistant to physical damages like shocks since they are simply one chunk of mass. They do not have any internal moving parts that can get related to physical trauma, and as a result, they are much safer than HDD drives. Although this is not much, it is enough to increase the reliability of SSD drives by a large margin. Since SSD web hosting services use these drives, the reliability of SSD drives is automatically shared with this web hosting service. 


That said, storage is not much of an issue since a company with a high-performance website can definitely spend a bit more money on extra storage. 


The problem they need to solve is the speed and reliability of data- which is the specialty of SSD web hosting providers like Yoho Cloud hosting


Are there any downsides of SSD Hosting?

Yes, there is a downside to SSD hosting, and that downside is the cost. Since SSD web hosting uses the more expensive storage system, the overall cost of web hosting is also expensive – at least when compared with HDD web hosting. However, if we kick the HDD web hosting out of the picture and solely look at the price of SSD hosting, you will find it quite affordable. 


Even if this was not the case, the performance and reliability of SSD hosting make this form of web hosting well worth the price. 


Some additional benefits of SSD web hosting

Besides the core benefit of SSD web hosting that we already mentioned, there are a few more perks that you can gain. Although these perks are more or less related to speed and reliability, we would like to point them out. 


1) Increased Database performance

This is directly related to the enhanced speed of the drives used in SSD hosting. In SSD web hosting services, you can get an enhanced database performance simply because the processing speed is faster. 


This enables the database to be more organized, which in turn aids in boosting the performance of the rest of the system. 


2) Increased uptime

Increased uptime goes hand in hand with this web hosting system’s increased database performance and reliability. It goes without saying that the better a web hosting server storage is at resisting external damage, the less maintenance it needs. This inadvertently increases the uptime of the website hosted in an SSD web hosting server. 


Along with this, faster processing speed means that maintenance is done quicker, which further increases the uptime of the websites hosted in an SSD web host. 



SSD web hosting is an amazing web hosting service that provides a safe and fast web hosting experience with longer up time and better website performance. Although it is indeed a bit expensive, the speed, performance, and reliability of SSD web hosting make it well worth the price. So, make sure you select the best hosting company in Nepal before taking any hosting services.




Q: What is SSD-based hosting?

A: SSD-based hosting is simply a web hosting service that uses Solid State Drives (SSD) to store your data.


Q: Why to choose SSD web hosting over HDD hosting?

A: The SSD web hosting service is best as it provides:

  • Better performance
  • More Reliability
  • Faster load speed
  • Increased Uptime


Q: What are the types of SSD web Hosting?

A: The two types of SSD Web hosting are:

  • Full SSD web hosting
  • Cache SSD web hosting