It should not surprise you that paid things are always better than free things. A company would provide better services and create better products for you when they get something in return. This rule applies to web hosting as well. Web hosting is nothing more than a service. But why would you need a hosting web service? Naturally, to host a website! And you need a website?

However, if you are planning for business, then a website is a must in this age of the internet. A good website will allow your business to be easily searchable, interact better and provide large amounts of important information to your customers. The question then remains- where do you host your website to ensure that you can get everything you need from it?

The answer to this question is “in a premium hosting server.” 

Why should you choose a premium hosting over free hosting?

The most straightforward answer to this question is that premium hosting is better than free hosting. You need to remember that people are working behind both of these hosting servers regardless of which one you choose. Premium web hosts have more incentive to provide better service for you since you are paying them.

But do you need to choose premium hosting services? Technically no. If a free hosting service meets all your needs, you can choose it. However, if you are a business, then sooner or later, you will need to choose a premium web hosting service because of your additional needs. 

But why? Let’s find out why should we choose a premium hosting over free hosting.

1) Better Bandwith and Storage Space

Better bandwidth and storage space are two of the critical features everybody seeks in a web hosting service. Better bandwidth and a better storage system are also two of the critical factors that determine the quality of a website. 

Bandwith is essential for the speed of a website, and storage space determines the total amount of content on a website. 

The thing is, premium hosting services let you access virtually unlimited resources for bandwidth and storage space. After all, the better your website is, the more you will be willing to pay for further services in a paid hosting service. On the flip side, free web hosting services restrict you on both bandwidth and storage space—a free web hosting service’s storage space and bandwidth are barely enough to use. 

This essentially means that you will not be able to publish everything you need to. Due to the limited bandwidth, you also cannot publish resource-heavy content such as heavy large music files. 

Although there are a few more fundamental reasons you should choose a premium web hosting service like us, high bandwidth and ample storage space are two of the three key reasons. The third one is web security. 

2) Privacy and Security

Besides the bandwidth and storage space, another thing that a company owning a website worries about is the level of security. Your website is home to a lot of sensitive information about your business. Sure, it may not be seen on the surface, but your website codes reveal a lot of information to a trained eye. 

The biggest issue with choosing a free hosting service is that your website security is not their priority. This doesn’t mean that websites made on free hosting platforms are not secure, but they are not secure enough. Although this seems cruel, it makes sense from a free hosting service. Maintaining web security is a demanding job, and why should they give high security to people who don’t pay for them? Moreover, you cannot hire web security if you only provide free web hosting services with income.

The good news is that premium web hosting services do everything they can to provide you with the best web security possible. You expect good security from a paid website hosting service, you pay for good security, and you get your expectations fulfilled – it’s that simple. 

3) Features 

It should not surprise anybody that premium service has better features and better upgrades. Why? It is simply because you are paying for every single service you receive. If you cancel your subscription, you can simply cancel your subscription and choose a rival company. This will be a double loss for any premium service provider – not just premium web hosting service. 

On the other hand, a free web hosting service doesn’t care about if you leave or not. A lot of free web hosting services provide premium services. They provide you with free web hosting to get comfortable with your service and hope that you will choose their premium service when you need one. 

Do remember that unless you are someone who simply needs a website for random internet ramblings, you will need adequate features from a web host- which you can only get in premium web hosting services. 

Even the free web hosting service wants you to choose a premium web hosting service – what is your excuse for not choosing one?

4) Downtimes

Free web hosts do not typically provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee whereas premium web hosting provides 99% uptime. 

So if you use free hosting, you may incur more cost than you anticipated due to the downtime, whether it is a business, project, or portfolio. Due to the fact that it is a free service, you cannot claim compensation. 

Get premium web hosting to enjoy uptime and get full-on service related to web hosting.

5) SEO and technical support

Search Engine Optimization is a need for your website if you want your business to succeed and your company to be well known. However, it is a highly complicated process. You need to have the perfect SEO-curated content and a highly optimized website. While there is no issue with the perfect SEO-optimized content, the technical aspect of the SEO can become a massive headache. 

You will get full technical support for your website if you choose a premium web hosting service, including but not limited to search engine optimization. While they may not be able to help you with the contents, they can help you manage the technical aspect to some levels. 

But will you get the same technical service on a free web hosting platform? No! Along with this, since you have limited bandwidth, your website will be slower. Unless your website is all text, you might need to wait for a few seconds before you fully load a website hosted on a free server, enough to affect the SEO Rankings of your website. If you were unaware that speed is an important factor in SEO rankings, you know.


The answer to “Why should you choose a premium hosting over free Hosting?” is “if you can afford it – always choose premium hosting over free hosting.” It simply has better service for you.

Website hosting is an expensive business, and no one will give it for free just for its sake. if you run a business or want a good portfolio, pick the premium web hosting service. If you simply want a place to rant online, then a free web hosting service should be enough for you. 

Hope you find this interesting and insightful.