Almost everyone has heard of the term could hosting by now though there are different types of hosting available. It is a form of hosting that makes applications and websites accessible through cloud resources. 


Similar to this, although lesser-known, many people should also be familiar with VPS hosting. Cloud hosting does not depend on a physical server. However, unlike cloud hosting, VPS hosting uses virtualization technology to provide dedicated resources on a server with multiple users. 


At this point, both seem pretty similar to each other, which they are. In both hostings, the host does not need their physical resources. The host does not need its CPU, operating system, high specs hardware, or other specific applications. The only requirement is that in both types of hosting, you require a stable and efficient power supply to ensure that your service is always up.


But is there any difference? 


Yes, there are. In fact, besides the points we mentioned, they have very few similarities. The basic concept remains the same. However, the difference lies in how they operate. 


Before we discuss the differences, let’s start with a brief overview of cloud and VPS hosting benefits. 


Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting in Nepal is reliable for website and application hosting. Because this type of hosting is conducted from a combination of multiple physical networks, it does not shut down there. Although this reduces the overall performance, it is still better than shutting down service. 


Along with this, another primary benefit of cloud hosting is that cloud hosting is affordable. Here, you only gain access to there resources you need to use. Therefore, you only need to pay for the resources you use. 


Benefits of VPS Hosting

Unlike Cloud Hosting, where you are more or less reliant on the traffic and audience, you are free to manage your website or application as you please. You have access to your own set of resources. Although you will need to pay more, you have more freedom to work. 


Additionally, VPS hosting in Nepal has a relatively high level of security and is inaccessible to other clients regardless of their rights on the server. 


In essence, both of these servers have their own set of advantages. But what are the differences? 


Differences between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting

By this point, you should have noticed some differences between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting. That said, some of you may still be wondering about the differences. We do admit that it is not easy for those unfamiliar with the inner workings of networking to understand the actual difference and why people would choose one over another.


To clarify, why not point out the differences in terms of their features? This is precisely what we are going to do. So without any further ado. Let’s get started! 


1) Performance

Comparing the differences between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting in terms of performance can get a bit complicated. 


The primary feature of Cloud hosting is that it doesn’t rely on a single physical server to provide its services. This lets it perform with versatility. It also means that the websites’ needs are handled over multiple servers. 


On the other hand, VPS hosting provides you with many resources. This naturally grants you access to a huge amount of performance power since no other websites are using the server you are involved in. 


But there is a small catch. Since you only have a limited amount of resources, if you operate a highly demanding website or multiple websites, then your performance can drop. This is not the case in Cloud hosting; the only reason for its performance to drop is if one of the servers fails. 


Both situations are unlikely. However you ever face a crisis, you will have a bit more reliability in performance with Cloud hosting. 


2) Security

The difference between Cloud Hosting and VPS hosting in terms of security is similar to that between Free hosting and paid hosting. 


You get your own set of resources in paid and VPS hosting and don’t need to share it with anyone. On the flip side, you will share some of your resources with another entity in both free hosting and cloud hosting. However, the comparison here is a bit unfair since you will not be sharing an environment with Cloud Hosting, unlike free hosting. 


Although the security of VPS hosting is not as secure as dedicated hosting, it is still a bit better than a cloud server. Your host is completely web-based on Cloud hosting, making it a bit more vulnerable to attacks than VPS hosting.

3) Price

Simply put, there is no winner here, and there is virtually no difference between the payment plans of Cloud hosting and VPS hosting. Both of these hostings are based on the idea of a shared hosting plan but with the added perks of dedicated hosting. As a result, regardless of which hosting you choose, its price will always fall between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.


They have the convenience of shared hosting and security, along with the performance of dedicated hosting. Although both Cloud hosting and VPS hosting have these features, they are neither as free as shard hosting nor as power-packed as dedicated hosting. 


So the price is more about the perks you choose.


4) Scalability

Scalability is usually not something you need to worry about when starting a business. However, it becomes a core aspect when your business or any form of website gains popularity. 


Here, cloud hosting wins easily. Since you essentially have the resources of the entire network, all you need to do is give them a notice and upgrade your plan. Once you do this, the Cloud host can easily provide additional resources and fulfill your needs.


While this is technically possible in VPS hosting, you must change your entire plan and upgrade to a brand new private server. This is a tedious and resource-heavy activity that can take considerably longer than simply allocating new resources to you like that of cloud hosting. 


The winner here is cloud hosting.


5) Customization

By this point, you should already know the difference between VPS hosting and cloud hosting in terms of how they function, and we may not need to elaborate much here. 


VPS hosting can easily be heavily customized since you essentially have complete control over the resources allocated to you. This aspect of VPS hosting is similar to dedicated hosting. You have root access to the server and control over the operating system and server software. 


On the other hand, you can face limitations in cloud hosting because you will need to distribute your setting across many servers. While this is nowhere as limited as the shared hosting, it still poses some limitations compared to VPS hosting. Along with this, you may also require some technical skills to customize your website completely.


So, which one should you choose: Cloud Hosting or VPS Hosting

The simple answer is it depends. 


If you want a scalable hosting service with good performance, then you should choose cloud hosting. On the other hand, if you want a highly secure and customizable hosting service, then VPS Hosting is the better alternative for you. Since both hosting services cost just about the same, it’s more about what you require for your website rather than what you can afford. So make sure to choose paid hosting over free hosting.


Both of these hosts and their hosting services come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages along with the areas where they excel.