If you forget your WordPress password, then no need to worry as you can easily change your WordPress user’s password using phpMyAdmin in cPanel. Follow the following steps to change WordPress user’s passwords using phpMyAdmin in cPanel.

Steps to Change WordPress Password Using Phpmyadmin :

1) Login into Cpanel

You need to login into Cpanel with login details provided by the web hosting provider. You can easily login into CPanel by any the method URL :



2 ) Scroll to the DATABASES section and click on phpMyAdmin

3 ) Click on your WordPress Database name on the left.

4 ) Click on the wp_users table.

5) Click on Edit.

6 ) Enter your password into the user_pass field. Select MD5 from the drop-down lists.

After choosing MD5, you can enter the new password of that user.

7 ) Click on Go to continue

8 ) A success message will now appear from phpMyAdmin saying that the database record was updated.


Thus like this, you changed your WordPress user’s password using PHPMyAdmin and this method is only recommended if you have forgotten the WordPress admin password.