The best part about WordPress is that it is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). It can be installed manually or using the cPanel Softaculous Apps Installer within seconds. And Softaculous is a script library that allows for the automatic installation of commercial and open-source web applications onto websites. 

With Softaculous, you can easily install any popular scrips you like to for your website. Among all scrips, WordPress is one of the most installed scrips. So, here in this blog, you will learn how to install WordPress using Softaculous.


Steps to Install WordPress Using Softaculous


Step 1: In cPanel, go to the SOFTWARE tab, then tap on Softaculous Apps Installer.

Step 2: Below screen will display, and select WordPress, clicking on the logo from the Top Scripts section or type it into the search field.

Step 3: Select the install button to proceed to the data collection screen.

Step 4: Below screen appears. You need to fill up below all shown fields. 

We will help you fill in all the information in the required fields to install WordPress.


First Software Setup, 

If you already have an SSL certificate, choose the https:// variant – either with or without the www.

Choose the domain you want to install in WordPress. Specifying a directory, your site will be served from there.

Choose the domain you want to install in WordPress. Specify a directory; your site will be served from there.


Example 1

You have a domain named

When you install an SSL certificate, you do not want www, so you select https://

And specify directory wp

The site would be served from


Example 2

You have a domain named

When you have an SSL certificate and www for your site, you choose https:/www 

In this case, you have to leave the Directory field blank.

This website would be served by


Second Site Settings 

Input a Site Name and a Site Description you want for your website. However, you can edit later in WordPress by scrolling to Settings > General in the WordPress admin menu panel.


Third Admin Account 

The Admin Username & Password are already pre-entered.

Do change that Admin Username from admin is highly recommended, but make sure you only use uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers (most special characters are not allowed in WordPress usernames).

Also, create a strong password for the Adminclick on the key icon for the strong password.

Note: Keep your login credentials easy to remember and secure.


Fourth Choose Language & Select Plug-ins

The drop-down menu will let you choose your language.

The additional plugins are available for installation which you can choose by selecting the checkboxes.


Advanced Options & Select Theme

You can skip the Advanced Options section unless you want to either use an existing database or configure Softaculous backups.

 Then go to the next section, Select theme; you can select a theme from the list. There are many default themes included in WordPress.


Finally, Install

Finally to install WordPress using Softaculous, Click on the Install button

However, if you want installation details to be emailed once the installation is completed, then input the email address which is below the install button -. You may skip this step.


Thus, Congratulations, you have successfully installed WordPress on your site. Follow all the steps above to complete the WordPress installation using Softaculous to your site successfully.

Two web addresses will appear once the installation is finished.

First, the address of your newly installed site – click this to view it. 

Second, a link to the WordPress admin page. 

In order to access your WordPress dashboard, you will need to enter your user name and password.


How to install the WordPress Litespeed cache plugin?

The LiteSpeed Cache tool is fantastic. We strongly recommend it for WordPress sites since it greatly reduces resource usage on your account and drastically improves the load time of websites. The LiteSpeed Web server speeds up your site’s loading time by caching or saving a copy of each page.

‘Caching’ refers to the web server keeping a copy of pages that are already served so it can send the cached version when those pages are requested again. This reduces the server’s time spent creating the page. This makes the user experience much faster for your visitors.


Steps to install the WordPress Litespeed cache plugin

Step 1: Go to WordPress and sign in to the WordPress admin panel.

Step 2: Click the ‘Plugins’ menu item on the left, then click ‘Add New‘.

Step 3: On the right side, you will see a box saying ‘Search plugins…’ Type in LiteSpeed Cache and enter.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Install Now‘ button.

Step 5: After the installation is complete, click “Activate“.

Thus, in this way, you can install the Litespeed cache plugin in WordPress. 

Therefore, you successfully install WordPress using Softaculous along with the Litespeed cache plugin for your WordPress site. But make sure before that you chose the perfect hosting provider to host your site. Get cheap WordPress hosting in Nepal.