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Cloud Hosting :

In 2021, cloud hosting will be a highly loved thing and if you have a growing website and cannot decide the resource the website will take with an increase in traffic then cloud hosting will be the best choice for you. The Power and reliability of cloud hosting are very high to serve your growing traffic and it is billed on basis of resources your website consumes so it is economical too.

Cloud Hosting in Nepal :

The evolution of cloud Sansar is also impressive, In 2019 AD we are in the business of web development, and frustration towards web hosting providers gives rise to Cloud Sansar to serve the community in a better way.

Our first aim to serve the web development community and provide the best web hosting solution in Nepal at an affordable cost. We use enterprise-grade hardware to build a web server that matches our quality. Most of our servers are deployed on public cloud providers like Google Cloud in Nepal, AWS Lightsail, and Digitalocean.

Features included as Standard :

All our cloud hosting has the following features included as standard:

  • Cpanel Control Panel – World most accepted web hosting control panel to manage files, database, and DNS
  • Litespeed – Fastest Web Server and combination of Litespeed and SSD make websites up to 16 times faster.
  • SSL certificate – 256bit encryption SSL that enhances the security and data transfer.
  • Backup – We maintain daily backup that retains for 30days.
  • WordPress – Our Cloud hosting is optimized for WordPress CMS

Some of the best cloud hosting plans:


Web Hosting Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Regular 5 GB SSD Unlimited NRs 2999/yr
Business 10 GB SSD Unlimited NRs 4999/yr
Advance Unlimited Unlimited NRs 9999/yr

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