Introduction of the domain and different types of extensions

In simple terms, Domain names are names for your website; it is an identity that works as an internet address. Websites are accessed via domain names, which are the Internet addresses.

In computing, domain names are names assigned to IP addresses made up of a series of numbers. IP addresses refer to a set of numbers. That’s why domain names are introduced to make it easier to remember a name instead of a long string of numbers. And these domain names are always unique since there can be no two identical websites.

Domain names can vary in length and can use any combinations of letters and numbers along with domain extensions, such as .com, .net, .org, .edu, and many more.

Registration of a domain name is required before it can be used. You will be the only one whose website is displayed if someone types into the address bar.

The last part of a domain name is the extension. Domain extensions are the notations at the end of web addresses that designate an Internet category or a country location. For example, in ‘,’ the domain name extension is .com.

There are different types of extensions available that you can use for your website. 

.com — used for commercial purposes like business or eCommerce site

.org — used by nonprofit organizations  

.net — used by Internet Provider 

 .gov – used by government

.edu – used by educational institutions like schools, colleges

Some of the extensions represent the country location
.co – represents Colombia Country
.us – represents United States Country
.np – represents Nepal Country
.au – represents Australia Country

However, these extensions don’t make any major difference in website ranking or indexing in search engines, but it shows the nature of your business. So better to choose an appropriate domain extension with your niche. With, you can get the cheapest domain registration in Nepal with popular domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, .in, and .io

Domain registration process with

With, get your domain registration quickly with 3 easy steps.

Follow the below 3 quick steps:

1. Search the availability of the domain

Search the domain name in your mind in the search bar here

2. Hosting

If the domain you searched for is available, click add to cart and let the fastest and cheapest web hosting serving your audience but you can purchase the domain only if you don’t need hosting or already have hosting somewhere else.

3. Payment

Then lastly, checkout, make payment for your domain, and hosting will be set up instantly.

Like this, you can go with the domain registration process with

Managing domain with

The portal is used to manage domains. After logging into the portal, click the “domains”, then the list of domains you hosted will be shown. Click on the specific domain you want to manage. Then on the right side, you will see the below details:


All these can be managed with Yoho cloud client area once you log in.

Renew domain 

Domains also expire after a year, so you need to keep renewing the domain. Below are pricing plans offered by for renewing the domain.

Name Renewal Price
.COM $9.95
.ORG $16.95
.NET $12.95
.info $15.95

You can easily renew your domain with, from the yoho cloud portal once you log in with us.

Whois Protection and its benefits

Registering a domain requires you to provide accurate contact information for the public Whois database.

The ICANN requires it as a way to regulate domain registration and ownership. Whois is a database storing all the information related to a domain, such as its registrar, registrant, name, and contacts details. 

WHOIS searches reveal information to the public, such as when and who registered a domain, their contact information, where the website is hosted, and when the domain expires.

So here, with, you can get WHOIS GUard as a premium feature with the domain registration. Since whois will reveal all your domain details, and you don’t want to lose your domain privacy, so whois protection is a must. Thus, Whois protection is needed to maintain your domain privacy protection. It has other more benefits like:

  • Getting rid of spam and unwanted emails. 
  • Protection from identity theft.
  • Unwanted phone calls and marketing.

So, one of the cheap domain registration company, is the best choice for whois protection. We will replace your information with anonymous details; and all your details will be only with us safely. 

 Transferring Domain into

ICANN policy prohibits the transfer of a domain within 60 days of its registration or the last transfer. The policy applies to both domain registrations being transferred to and away from us.

When transferring a domain into, you’ll be asked for an EPP code on the order form. You’ll need to obtain the EPP code from the old/current registrar’s control panel, or customer support will be the best source of EPP codes. Additionally, the domain will need to be unlocked for the transfer to occur. Click here to start transferring the domain.

In order to complete the transfer, an email will be sent to the administrative WHOIS contact with the link that needs to be clicked once the order is submitted to us and the EPP code has been validated. The old registrar has five (5) days to transfer the domain to us by clicking this link.

Some registrars automatically approve the transfer request, while others email an additional link to request immediate approval. If your registrar does not do this, you may have to wait the full five days for the transfer to complete.

Transferring Domain Out from

If you want to transfer the domain out from, you can easily move away from us by getting an EPP code generated through our domain control panel. 

Changing Contact details of domain

If you want to change the contact details of your domain, then you can easily change it from the Yoho cloud portal. Else you can contact our support team for assistance.

Thus, get your domain name and registration with the cheap domain registration company in Nepal, and start your online journey at ease.

What are the best ways to select niche-based domains?

A domain name is the foundation of any site and its selection based on your niche can be quite confusing. To make it simple, we suggest you follow the following suggestion to choose the best domain name for your business site.

  • Place keywords in your domain name search so that the search engine would know what’s your site is about.
  • Keep your domain name short, unique, easy to spell, and something that reflects your brand.
  • It’s always best to avoid hyphens, double letters, and other typos that would affect site traffic.
  • Buy a domain name from a reliable source that also has other services like web hosting.
  • You can check on domain name generators to find new domain keywords.
  • Research your domain name to check if the name you selected is available or not.
  • Choosing a domain name with ‘.com’ extension is highly recommendable.
  • Register your domain name before someone else takes it.

24/7 Support

Yoho Cloud provides 24/7 support for all domain registration services in Nepal. The dedicated team of professionals is available round the clock to assist customers and help them with any queries they may have. The support team can help customers register their domain names quickly and easily with the right TLDs and DNS management. Moreover, they can provide assistance with domain theft protection as well as domain forwarding. With Yoho Cloud 24/7 support, customers can be sure to get the best service, whatever the issue might be.


In conclusion, registering a domain name in Nepal has many benefits and can be a great way to set up and promote a business or website. Domain registration in Nepal is easy and affordable, with a variety of domain types available to choose from. With the right domain name, customers can quickly identify the origin of the website and have an easier time finding the right information. In addition, Yoho Cloud offers domain theft protection, domain forwarding and 24/7 support to ensure that customers have the best experience possible. With the help of Yoho Cloud, customers can easily register their domain name in Nepal and get started in no time.