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The Myth Behind Unlimited Hosting plans

Unlimited" is a very exciting word, especially when it comes to web hosting services. However, it can also sound too good to be true. Many web hosting companies offer "Unlimited" plans, ranging from Unlimited Hosting to Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited SpaceWhat does the term 'Unlimited' truly signify? Does it imply that there are no limitations on what you can upload on your website without any objections? In reality, that is not the case


  1. If you do not use Dedicated Servers, when you have a regular hosting package, the resources are shared with multiple users on the same server. Due to advancements in technology and server capabilities, we are able to constantly enhance your hosting package and increase its bandwidth, enabling you to accomplish more. Today, with technological advancement and the availability of immense resources, hosting companies are able to offer practically unlimited resources for legitimate users who use them for appropriate purposes. This has led to significant changes in the way shared hosting is marketed and consumed, as there is no longer a need to obsess over specific parameters such as the number of database or FTP accounts or the amount of bandwidth availableIn the past, web hosting companies had to set limits on various parameters such as disk space and number of i-nodes.
  2. However, with the advanced technology available today, we can now declare these parameters as unlimited. This is because we are able to offer almost limitless resources to our customers who choose to host with us. Offering unlimited hosting is a strategy for informing customers that they no longer have to go through the process of calculating each parameter individually. Instead, they can simply purchase the unlimited package and be assured that it will meet their needs. This approach has become commonplace in the industry as it has developed over time.


  1. Before purchasing a hosting package, one must agree to a set of acceptable use policies (AUPs). These AUPs include various prohibited items, such as the following: websites for file upload, sharing, archiving, backing up, mirroring or distributing; and sites designed primarily to generate traffic for another website. Providing access to your account's resources to the public, regardless of whether there is a charge for such access or not.


The important consideration is not if the service is true without limit, but rather whether the user is aware of and respecting the usage restrictions that come with a shared hosting plan. If they are following these guidelines, then the service can indeed be considered unlimited. However, determining what these limitations should be is not a precise process, but rather something that comes from our many years of experience as a Hosting Provider in the industry.

To illustrate, we have concluded that individuals who utilize more than 20 gigabytes of storage space are probably utilizing our server for backing up files or streaming videos, which is not a suitable reason for using our shared hosting service. We have comparable restrictions in place for other specifications.

Our hosting packages shouldn't pose any issues to the majority of users, as our virtually unlimited parameters are unlikely to ever reach full capacity. However, if you do come across any resource limits while hosting a website with us, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll work together to find a solution that suits your needs